The Grief Recovery Method

My Journey to Grief Recovery

My name is Lucy Lord, and I am a certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist.

Picture of Grief Recovery Method Specialist Lucy Lord

Death and dying has always been talked about in my family due to the nature of their work being in the funeral business.

I always had an interest in the service my family offered as its such so important being the last opportunity to honour the life of a person who has died. I always knew I wanted to help with loss in some way but it wasn’t clear at that time what my role was.

Even though death and dying was very familiar to me, nothing could have prepared me for when our Dad died. After Dad’s funeral I was left with so many conflicting emotions of wishing things could have been different, better and more. Also all of the hopes, dreams and expectations for our relationship had now been taken away. I didn’t really know which way to turn.

After experiencing other losses I decided I needed help as I didn’t want to keep allowing the cumulative grief I was carrying to keep impacting my happiness or the happiness of my family, especially since the birth of my daughter. I completed the Grief Recovery Method for myself and knew that this was something I had to share with others.

Grief is the natural and normal reaction to loss. It is different for everyone as all our relationships are specific to ourselves and are completely unique. Most people experience grief when they have lost a loved one, or in some circumstances, a less than loved one.

Unresolved grief can have a long term negative impact on your life. Grief is cumulative and cumulatively negative. Grief not only affects current relationships, but future ones too, as well as your work, health, and even hobbies. The intensity of your feelings may lessen over time, but grief doesn’t heal on its own.

If you need help on how to navigate all of the conflicting emotions caused by loss the Grief Recovery Method gives you the tools to do this.

It is an action programme that sets out a number of steps for you to take to move beyond the pain experienced by loss.  It is different to traditional talking therapy as we teach you the tools to help heal your broken heart no matter what the cause. The Grief Recovery Method teaches the correct exercises, step by step that actually allow the release of not only the pain, but the end to all those “I wish I’d said/not said, I wish I’d done/not done” thoughts that tend to keep grievers trapped on the mental hamster wheel of pain.

Once you have completed the course you are then empowered to use the tools as often as you need as more losses occur. This means you are receiving a skill of real value in your future life.

At the moment I can offer 1 to 1 sessions via zoom.  If you are interested in starting your healing journey please feel free to get in touch.  I offer a free consultation to hear your circumstances, explain how the method works and can help you.

Please visit my website if you would like further information. To contact me with any questions please call 07583 174 191 or e-mail